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The world of data is moving fast, very fast. Logically organizations of all sorts are looking to create a capacity to extract value from this ever increasing amount of data. But what type expertise does your organization need first? And second? Ready to utilize neural networks, heuristics and monte carlo simulations in a prescriptive way? Or should your organization benefit first from more straightforward descriptive and diagnostic analytics to provide insights into the current state of affairs? Whether you're looking to predict customer behavior or product maintenance, costs or profits, market leaders or followers, the first step lies in setting up a solid, stable, usable data environment (que your data engineer). Hindsights, insights and foresights? Leave it up to the analysts and scientists. But maybe the biggest challenge in the field today; How do you translate these state-of-the-art analytics into actual value for your business or your clients' business? Data Translators or Data Consultants are those extraordinary people that understand both the technical and non-technical factors at play when trying launch a data project, invole the right people and productionalize developed models. 

Based on over 12 years of experience in the emerging market of analytics, Vye has helped numerous organizations to plan, build and scale data capabilities. Understanding the field on a conceptual level, but also leaving the expert work up to the experts, Vye facilitates an efficient route to a healthy, durable data capability that creates competitive business advantage. From corporates to start-ups, from financials to non-profits.  


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