Executive search



Vye maintains a powerful network in the senior segment. Finding the right executive for building, scaling, leading and directing your data, risk or strategy organization is not an easy task. An executive search facilitated by Vye always starts with a thorough analysis of the current situation, in which not only peers but also the team or business unit the new executive will be leading will help in defining the role. What type of candidate will have sufficient credibility and common ground with the quantitative experts in the teams, but is also able to represent their added value at the top of your own and your client’s organizations?
Vye believes a match at the executive level moves beyond just candidate and requirements, and a hiring process should thus involve the team, business unit and company as a whole.

Executive Search

Executive opportunties are often not posted to the public on our website. Are you an (aspiring) executive in the quantitative segment and want to be part of our network of opportunities? Contact Jonne Mostert via +31 (0)6 42106327 or j.mostert@vyeprofessionals.nl