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Attaining a MSc or PhD degree in a quantitative field such as econometrics, mathematics or physics gives you a unique position in todays' job market. But the large range of options can be overwhelming when you're just starting off your career. Do you want to dive into hands-on data analytics or move towards client facing consulting? And does the one in fact exclude the other? What are differences between companies that you can't make out from their website or their vacancy texts? Vye Campus Consultants bring a solid understanding of todays' quantitative job market and are able to give you an inside look based on long term relationships with clients. Furthermore, based on a personal intake they can advise you on which direction is most likely to suit your motivation and ambitions for future growth. 

During an application process Vye's consultants will provide personal guidance, tips & tricks for succesful interviews and can facilitate training sessions to help ace that strategy or business case.

Besides 1-1 guidance, Vye regularly organizes events and business courses around a certain theme, client or field of expertise such as strategy consulting, data science, risk management or trading. Keep an eye on our Events & Workshop page for the next upcoming events.


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