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The financial industry is changing. New legislation, technical innovation, disruption by Fintech start-ups, a shortage of professionals with a quantitative background and a shift in required competences put pressure on financial institutions to achieve their goals and ambitions. These developments give rise to new questions, issues and possibilities. What impact is created by Machine Learning and open source technologies on the development of new financial products? Are the current Risk Models strong enough to withstand new regulatory requirements (eg. IFRS9, IFRS17, New DoD)? What impact does the current interest rate have on pension funds?
These questions are answered by the continuous development of the profile of the Quant. Their required toolkit to predict and manage Risks or to come up with accurate product Pricing is becoming more and more complex. Data Quality is taking a prominent place in the daily business, hence the rise of the “Data Management Consultant”. Furthermore, understanding and implementing regulatory requirements is a key starting point of all innovation. This interplay makes the financial sector more data driven than ever.

Based on over 12 years of experience in the field of quantitative risk management, Vye has helped numerous organizations to plan, build and scale modeling, validating, testing and regulatory capabilities. Understanding the field on a conceptual level, but also leaving the expert work up to the experts, Vye facilitates an efficient route to a healthy, durable risk management capability that creates competitive business advantage while adhering to the latest regulatory requirements.






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